IGCSE English Courses

for home educators by Catherine Mooney


Pre-IGCSE English Language

The pre-IGCSE English Language course has been created for students who are aged between 11 and 13 (so eligible to start my IGCSE English Language course) but who feel they need a bit more preparation and 'brushing up of the basics' before embarking on the IGCSE English Language course. It combines the essential elements of Word Weavers and Essay Writing, and gently orientates students towards the reading and writing tasks that they will eventually undertake on the IGCSE English Language course.

As with my other courses, the pre-IGCSE English Language course does not presuppose any prior knowledge (other than an ability to read and write). It covers fundamental English skills in an age-appropriate way (including sentences, paragraphs and punctuation) while introducing the different genres and styles of writing that will be encountered in the IGCSE English Language course, including essays. Learning to 'read for meaning' (a core IGCSE level skill) is also taught.  More...

The course consists of a colourful and user-friendly course book, with lots of helpful exercises, together with 8 tutor-marked assignments for which full feedback is provided. There is unlimited (within reason!) phone and email support. One useful aspect of this course is that it can help to acclimatise both parent and child to studying alongside a distance-learning tutor.  It is also helpful for students who don't yet want the full commitment of an exam-orientated course, but want to improve and/or maintain their skills. Students who perhaps lack the maturity to begin the full IGCSE course, will also benefit from the pre-IGCSE English Language course.

To an extent the course can be tailored to your needs and special requirements can be accommodated (such as learning to work with a scribe, for example). Please phone me to discuss your child's special requirements and I shall do my very best to accommodate them.

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