IGCSE English Courses

for home educators by Catherine Mooney


FAQs about the IGCSE courses

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Do parents make their own arrangements for children to sit the exam?

Yes. Parents take responsibility for entering their child for an exam (although I provide a list of centres and I will be on hand to give help and advice). Please be aware that each exam centre will have its own deadline for exam registration which will be several months in advance of the exam itself, so make sure you allow plenty of time.


Does the course have a set duration of two years or can children and parents work through it at their own pace?

The course does not have a set duration. It has been designed so that you can work through it at your own pace and it doesn't have to take two years. Indeed, most students of average age and ability do it in a year (or even less), depending on where they are up to with their English studies thus far. I will go at whatever pace you choose (although if I feel that you are perhaps trying to go a wee bit too quickly, I'll let you know). You also need to bear in mind registration dates for exams (for example you may need to register your child in January if they are intending to sit an exam in May/June). You are also strongly advised to allow at least a month for revision and past paper practice.


A group of us would like to take the course. Would there be any benefit in this and would there be a reduction in cost?

Although the courses are designed for individual study, it can be supportive to work with a group of friends so yes, there can be a benefit. Much of the cost of the course is for the tutor support, however, especially with the marked assignments for which your child will receive detailed feedback. But that said, I can sometimes offer a reduced rate especially if materials are shared.


If two or more of my children wish to study the course, will I get a discount?

Yes. Your children can share course materials and I will mark the second child's assignments at a generous discount per IGCSE course.


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